July 6, 2007

Baby Shower in Kenya

It's a baby girl! Isn't she just beautiful? It's amazing how man labours to build things with his hands that can never compare to what God creates within us...This May our friends Brandi and Lew recieved a beautiful addition to their family, Elisabeth. As things worked out the women's retreat near Nairobi took place around the same time as the birth of their baby. It was a pretty interesting experience trying to plan a baby shower for a place you've never been with no internet or phone network! As luck would have it the week before we went to Nairobi we lost all network. Go figure! So there we were- stuck in Kaabong with no way to reach anyone. We couldn't reserve the cake, or make any last minute decisions or confirmations. We walked two hours to the airstrip 'blindly', not knowing even if the plane was coming as we hadn't been able to confirm. After sitting on the dusty landing strip for two hours, the plane did indeed come, and we made it to Kenya in one piece. And as it always does- everything worked out perfectly with the help of many kind people!

Brandi and Lew were able to come with their precious bundle of joy and we were able to literally 'shower' them with love. Unfortunately my battery died so I have few pictures and no pictures of 'mommy'. But these at least let you see how beautiful Elisabeth is and how happy her proud papa is. You can see him softening up to daddy's little girl already! Congratulations guys!

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