March 25, 2007

Annual Meeting and Wedding #2

In March Uganda, Rwanda cluster had their AGM or annual meeting in Jinja. It was beautiful and a very timely break. We needed it! We were overlooking the Nile and best of all we got to visit and have great fellowship with the other missionaries. Our greatest surprise was a wedding reception! We had married in July of 06 and because we were coming on the field we took support in lieu of gifts. So when our 'surprise reception' came about we were really overwhelmed by the kindness. They had found out our colours and imported flowers from Kenya, decorated to match our wedding, had cakes made in the shapes of gourds and a hut, AND had African wedding dresses for us both. It was so wonderful! We were really touched and very grateful. Istrouma Baptist Church from Baton Rouge had a volunteer team at the meeting to watch the children, lead worship, and preach. The leader of worship had just wed his wife the WEEK BEFORE! So they also had a wedding reception complete with matching flowers, cakes and dresses matching their own wedding in Louisiana. How great is that?? So many thanks to all who helped make that day possible!!

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