May 24, 2015

Baby Isaac

On May 11 our sweet baby Isaac came into the world at 6:59 pm weighing 8 lbs 9 oz.

I was so happy to not be pregnant anymore and laughed with joy when I finally saw him. Only days before Claire guessed he would have "short black hairs" and she was right.

He is absolutely precious and beautiful and we are in love.

In less than 24 hours he will be 2 weeks old and I am ready to share the story of how he came to be with us.

Until then.. I leave you with this.

We are completely in love and overjoyed.

Peace my friends,

May 10, 2015

Words Only - Mother's Day 2015

It is 12:01 AM and therefore the start of mother's day 2015.

My last mother's day as a mom of two little giggling and sometimes fighting girls.

I still remember distinctly the mother's day while Claire was in my tummy. I rocked in the glider set up in her perfectly clean and waiting room. The windows had no coverings and sunlight streamed in.

I rocked and rocked and thought of how my life was changing. I was scared to have a daughter and that complicated mother-daughter relationship and how I would navigate it.

I was scared of messing up one of the most important things ever- motherhood.

Fast forward two years and I was pregnant with Sophie and overwhelmed a bit with an almost 2 year old. I knew who I was as a mother but was unsure of the next season of spreading my love and attention across two children.

And now two years down the road I know definitively how a love can expand. How each child is so unique and lovable in their own way.  I know more intimately the waxing and waning of motherhood.  The deep trench of newborn phase that the intense labor of bringing new life plunges you into. I know the sleepless first year of survival patched with the most intense love, late night cuddles and sniffing a baby's head while trying to balance the needs and love of a marriage.

Before you know it you're at that one year then two year mark where you find a rhythm. You can manage and have hope to see ahead to how your family will be.

I sit this time, rocking in the glider,  unsure of life with three and life with a boy.

Will I respond appropriately? Am I teaching them above all to love the Lord? They see me so vulnerable and broken, short tempered and flustered when I want them to see the very best.

This mother's day I am closer to delivery than I ever have been before (the girls both came in July- and now we are surely at most only two weeks away).

I feel larger than I can bear (though I know this passes), and my feet are unbearably swollen.

All of our last minute to-do items are getting done... caulk the front window where dust comes in, caulk the cracked concrete (I did this into the dark tonight, on swollen feet and aching knees, jamming splinters into my fingers in the process), scrub the bathtub etc.

Every piece of clothing in the house is washed, every room picked up.

I am trying to lean in more... Lean in to giving little girls tickles and hugs. Claire who doesn't care to cuddle has come to me the last five or six mornings and padded up breathlessly to my bedside and climbed in beside me, asking me to tell her stories.

This morning, while the rest of the house slept, I whispered the story of the day she was born and without looking I knew her little eyes were staring into the dark and her face had a happy smile on it.

I'm trying to lean in to the Lord, trying to pray and rest in real faith in his promises.

All that's left is to dive back in to a new sleepless, chaotic trench til we flounder and flop for months until we find a new normal.

And some day, two years or more down the road- I can look back and remember this night, before my last Mother's Day as a mom of only two- and I will have so much more wisdom and knowledge.

Happy Mother's day friends.

May 7, 2015

38/39 Weeks Pregnant- Pregnancy number 3

How far along? 38 weeks and a few days/39 days based on changed due date

These are not flattering photos. I have on no make up, didn't brush my hair and am in no way trying and they totally and completely express how I feel right now. And yep.. I want to remember this feeling when I start to get baby fever again... Remember this Georgia... Remember!

My last update was at 37/38 Weeks.

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37 Weeks with Number two: 37 Weeks
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39 Weeks with Number two: 39 Weeks.. or stick a fork in me.. I'm done

Total weight gain: 36 pounds. I think I'm swollen. It really jumped this week... Swelling just like I did with Claire.

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? Not worth discussing at this point (aka- yes)

Sleep: Not great, lots of going to the bathroom. I have to admit that if I listen to my Hypnobabies (joyful pregnancy affirmations etc.) I sleep much heavier/harder. It is really really bizarre.

Miss Anything? energy! Most of the crazy nesting energy has dissipated...

Movement: Lots.

Food cravings: Cold drinks.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks (uncomfortable) and occasional cervical pinching

Symptoms: Uncomfortable. If I sit for longer than two hours my legs swell. And heartburn. Hello Rolaids!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Super short tempered... but ironically not as badly this week.

Highlight of the week: Backsplash? Done!

Shower professionally cleaned? Check!

Carpets cleaned? Check!
 Being a 3rd you wouldn't think we needed to get much but as I got closer to the day I just couldn't stand the thought of him in pink everything... so off I went to consignment sells and now he has all of his very own boy appropriate things... Even the new car seat cover from Chicco.

Also, we had to upgrade to a mini-van which was a huge move for us.

But the highlight? A baby shower! I felt so loved and honored. That night there was a flash flood and water was actually coming in the restaurant door at one point (from the road) but it was SUCH a good time.

I am extremely blessed by church community and friends who make me feel special when really, I just don't feel that way at all right now.

Speaking of- this was my first ever "diaper" shower. We cloth diaper mainly but let's be frank... I do NOT cloth diaper the first 6 weeks (can we say diapers constantly?), and for travel, church, etc. I don't. So this is such a huge blessing. Here's some of my stash!
On the right please note our UNgross, UNmoldy shower that got professionally cleaned.. It's amazing what nesting can motivate you to do or get done!

Looking forward to: Going in on Monday and seeing how I'm progressing.  Like I said I prefer not getting checked but we can't wait around while this little pumpkin gets bigger. ;) This Tuesday I was 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I really do feel like I recognize a lot of what is happening and know my body better. As she was checking me I said, "Let me guess- 1 cm dilated and 50-60% effaced?" So I was close!
Squishy cheeks!!!!! And check out the flooding all around the doctor's office. Those are roads and ducks were floating down them. ;)
Don't those cheeks and nose remind you of someone? They do me.

In the Meantime: The girls are sweetie pies.
Learning to love honeysuckle with daddy, and playing at bottom. Mind you, these moments are framed with lots of screaming and time-outs. But still... focus on the good! ;)
 Today Claire said we should name the baby Big Brother. And at my shower a gregarious family visiting from New York brought over a gorgeous bottle of red for the mother to be and wished me luck and congratulations. When the guy sat back down a voice yelled over from the table, 'You have to name the baby Howard after him (after the man who brought the wine).'

It was cute.

My friends said, "there is no name so that could be a contender!"

As the large group was leaving later the patriarch, an elderly man stopped and also congratulated and wished me luck. He said, "In 25 years you will be sitting in the living room with your son across from you on the couch and you will think to yourself, 'You were worth every last part of it'. "

It was really touching! (someone may have cried).

He then said he had 8 children and the happy bustling family around him said it was true (they were his children!) so it was very sweet.

This was our last week to host our Gospel Community. We have been doing a Mission Training Program so having a cook out and knowing that our next step is a new season with sleepless nights and a little baby was both bittersweet and thrilling. And.. I got the carpets steam cleaned the next day. It's become a tradition when the heavy traffic takes a break I finally clean the carpet deep.

How will I ever keep the house clean without the threat of company each week?! ;)

May 6, 2015

Other Things to Avoid Saying to a Pregnant Woman

You know how you can't really know what something is like until you get a taste of it?

Pregnancy is like that.

I was always walking around shoving my feet in my mouth metaphorically- asking when the baby was due to my cashier who was of course not pregnant or even asking a potential student in front of her entire extended family if she would stay in the dorms after she delivered  when.. you guessed it.. she was in NO WAY PREGNANT.

So I've learned the taste of my feet the hard way. Figuratively speaking of course.

I've come a long way friends. I have since learned of many other things that seem innocuous but really make pregnant women cringe after hearing them oh... a million times.

Other things that pregnant women moan to hear:

  • "You know what causes that, right?"

Okay.. you don't know what to say.. You're trying to be friendly. You've heard it before and you think it's "safe" and "cute".

But you're "wrong". Let's just not okay? It's a new life. This woman is going to have all of the "cute" she can get in the form of hemorrhoids, labor and sleepless nights. So just can-it.

  • "Are you finally getting a________?!" (boy/girl)  

I hear what you're trying to say. You're being "friendly" and trying to "connect". But don't.

  • "Oh good! You're family is now complete." 

How in the world could that be misconstrued? We love you. We do. Normally we could look past this. But our body is being inhabited by another being and our souls flushed with hormones that make  being irate feel like second nature.

  • "You've really got your hands full."

Okay.. this one isn't so bad. But we hear it all of the time. We do. I try to respond with "full of blessings!" with a maniac smile and wide eyes. But this is like walking up to someone and saying other obvious things like, "You have dental hygiene problems", or something to that effect. Yep. Life is busy. A kind smile, a "you're doing great", "your family is beautiful" etc. are really the safe way to go.

Basically, "You look beautiful" or "you're doing great" really are win/win phrases to tuck in your pocket.

This may be the hormones talking. If it is, in say 8 months when all of this craziness has calmed down I will come back and delete it with apologies.

For now though I will leave it.

Am I missing anything? Is there anything you would add?

May 3, 2015

37/38 Weeks Pregnancy Number Three

How far along? 37/38 Weeks ... Kind of. This week we moved my due date up 5 days based on earlier sonograms and some other factors. So... almost 38 weeks?

My last update was at 36 Weeks.

Total weight gain: 31  pounds as of this morning. The heaviest I have ever been in my ever loving days and it feels like it.

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? For sure. I did have a moment this morning where I looked at these new, always dreaded and horribly thought of stretch marks and I thought of this little boy and thought, "for him? It's worth it." and it is. And that's saying a lot when it's your own body being stretched open and vanity being obliterated.

Sleep: I guess on a positive note it is AMAZING that God prepares you for that sleepless first year with waking up every two hours to pee. So.. sleep- not so great.

Miss Anything? Losing weight. Seriously. Being comfortable in my body. Not being miserable. Just being honest.

But these are some things that have helped to encourage me lately...
Movement: Lots.

Food cravings: Cold drinks.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: Not much which is too bad. I bought some raspberry leaf tea, Evening Primrose Oil (which I've never used but am trying this time), dates (I read six a day help to soften your cervix... and hey.. it's great for digestion right?! ;)),  and I really plan on scrubbing the baseboards and walking a lot. As always I try to eat lots of pineapple (I'll try anything!) and of course I try to keep the home fires burning (metaphor alert!).

I'm trying to be better about doing my Hypnobabies CDs as they really do help me to sleep better and they made such a huge difference with Sophie's birth.  I've had some more serious braxton hicks (more uncomfortable) and the most occasional pinching (pinching of the cervix for me is the most exciting). I wouldn't guess I'm dilated at all and maybe barely effaced. If given the choice I would LOVE to not be checked. I went my entire pregnancy with Sophie only being checked before traveling to a wedding and before pushing and it was GREAT.

Now I know I can trust my body. But... with baby boy being so large I don't think I'm going to accept the luxury of not being checked this time. I really loved it for me though.

I may go in for a massage (I love massages in pregnancy!) but I may ask specifically for reflexology.. I always ask them not to avoid those areas they are supposed to on pregnant women (ankles etc.) but maybe I will ask them to ONLY focus there... Hey... with the clock ticking on this possibly super large boy I'm really hoping to tip the dial in favor of earlier birth.

And have you heard of the purple line for knowing dilation? I would link to it but all of the pictures are of naked bottoms but I think it's really amazingly fascinating. As you dilate and baby descends blood circulation or pressure make a purplish line in between your bottom cheeks (no nicer way to say that). As the baby drops lower and you dilate the line gets lower and lower until as you push baby out your entire crack looks purple (Here is a great article on this if you are curious- beware the bum shot).

I will not be updating you on this.

You are welcome.

*Note: I love natural labor and advocate for it. I went past 41 weeks with both girls and loved knowing they were ready. I am only trying to rush things this time due to some possible complications. My OB doesn't want me to go past 39 weeks due to a possibly extremely large baby and I completely agree with her (which if you know me is pretty unchracteristic to want to speed things up). 

Over and out.

Symptoms: Uncomfortable.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Super short tempered... I hate it.

Highlight of the week: A tea party with friends at a local tea room. A good doctor's appointment where we moved the due date up a bit.

I made a crazy "home maintenance" work book for all of the things you learn as you go (like lubricating the garage door every 3 months, or cleaning the faucet aerators... who knew?!) So.. trying to be a good grown up and nesting have come together in the mother of all "To do" books. I have it broken down by check lists by month if you want a copy.

On that list? Cleaning the shower heads and faucets. Check this out! (only a nesting mom could get this excited about this right??)

Looking forward to: Getting our back splash done... after TWO years of waiting.

In the Meantime: The girls are really seriously completely DONE With me being pregnant and I don't blame them.

But the beautiful weather has meant that we have spent hours like this...
 I can't tell you how hard these days have been... I have had super thin patience and NOT been a pleasant person much less mommy. It's been pretty humbling and painful.

The Gift of an Hour

It's been such a blessing when Jacob and I have been able to give one another an hour on the weekend. We started this last year. We set aside one hour for one person to go and just pray/journal/read. And then the other gets a turn. It's one thing to try to steal moments of prayer and Bible but to have a focused hour that you know your entire family is giving to you is PRICELESS. It really rejuvenates the spirit and I recommend it.

The Gift of a Loving Husband

You know the 5 Love Languages? Service is not normally how I feel loved but before each child I go kind of (majorly) crazy and have unrealistic expectation for projects and cleanliness.. Before Claire poor Jacob steam cleaned the entire house and more. 

Before Sophie I went kind of nuts about having a gate around our porch so the dogs wouldn't scratch our door (crazy... seriously) so he took off work, worked all day into the night with a headlamp and got that gate up only hours before Sophie came.

And now- this week someone is coming to finish our back splash, another guy is coming to professionally clean our disgusting main shower since I quit using harsh cleaners when I got pregnant with Claire (over 4 years ago!!) AND we are getting the carpets cleaned this week.. I'm crazy see???

... in my new home maintenance book I had recaulking cracks in the concrete on my to-do list but just couldn't manage the heat, squatting so long and the girls and I was becoming obsessed with it. He's been working long hours all week and worked all day Saturday planting and today when I came home from working the nursery at church (this was my last week... so sad!!!) he's in the backyard caulking meticulously EVERY crack and painting a wooden shelf that I got in my crazy head HAS to be painted before the baby comes.

Again.. service isn't my love language but in these small acts I know I am loved very well and very gently and genuinely. What a good good man.

I'm being too chatty. Over and out for this week. ;)

On Being the Size of a Bus And What you Can and Cannot Say to A Pregnant Woman

I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about being the size of a bus. A mini-bus perhaps but a bus no less.

Because this is 200 lbs of awesome that just won't stop.

Embrace it (though you won't be able to get your arms all of the way around it).

My sister in law was in town the other day and we went out for pedicures.

By the time our pedicures had started no less than six strangers had commented on how "huge" I was, that I had "dropped", that I must be having the baby "tomorrow" (no.. a month away but thank you for pointing that out), and that "surely there more than one in there.. no? Twins?? No?!" (from my male pedicurist). I have counted. It is one. But thank you for making sure I know the number of humans living in my abdomen.

When we came home my sister-in-aw said, "You guys should have heard it! Over six people commented on her size!"

Yes. This is my reality.

And then well meaning people say something about it being number three or near the end etc.

And the thing is- I've "carried this low", been this "huge" every. single. time.

So I thought I would share with you the right thing to say to a pregnant woman.

What You Can Say To A Pregnant Woman

Are you ready?

You look beautiful!

There are other variations of course that work such as:

You look amazing.

Anything on top of, other than or outside of that is dangerous territory.

Let me explain. Comments such as:

You are SO small! 

The mother to be secretly wonders is something wrong with me? Is my baby TOO small? Or worse yet the pregnant mother is tempted to hold back, cut back in an effort to remain small for more compliments.

You are SO big!

Really? Snap out of it! No one wants to hear this ever unless they are training for the Mr. World Cup and are doing 500 bicep curls a day.

No matter how small the mom is or how you frame it with compliments she walks away going, "Dear Lord WHY ME??! I must look like a monster! How will this giant human fit out of my nether region?! Is he ready to ride a tricycle already???!" You get the idea. No es bueno.

You look beautiful pregnant! Or it's cousin: "You just glow in pregnancy!"

Okay.. on the outside this seems safe. Unless you're a pregnant woman. In which case, hours later, likely at night when she is up peeing she will doubtless think, "So am I really more beautiful now? Do I normally look like a washed out rag? Am I normally dull and boring and ugly?"


It' a lose-lose situation.

So play it safe and just say, "You look beautiful. I'm so happy for you."

The end.

Fight the urge for more.

A mini-bus Mom

Stay tuned for next time when we talk about other things to NEVER say to a pregnant woman in regards to the gender of the baby. Trust me.. there are things.

Would you add anything to this?

April 26, 2015

36 Weeks Pregnancy Number Three

How far along? 36 Weeks 3 days today (or 37 weeks 3 days based on my own "dates" but that's neither here nor there...) 

My last update was at 35 Weeks.
I know the flowers are silly but I feel like they distract from the poor quality pic. ;)
Total weight gain: 29 pounds.. I sit and then it takes me a while to get up again...

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? I don't want to talk about it...

Sleep: Exhausted when I have to get up and go to the bathroom several times a night. If I don't drink enough then I sleep great. Go figure!

Miss Anything? Energy and moving quickly. I want to accomplish so much but I get really exhausted.

Movement: Yep! He feels like he's filling up my belly.

Food cravings: Iced tea (herbal) from a new tea place. Berry Patch Herbal is my current desire.

Gender: Boy.

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks- enough to be moderately uncomfortable but not enough to get excited.

Symptoms: Moody, uncomfortable, etc.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Super short tempered... I hate it.

Highlight of the week: We just got our maternity pictures made! The girls were adorable and I'm glad they're done. And... we got our yard planted! I painted the lamp post and did other really absurd things. I'm mad I tell you! I become absolutely driven to accomplish crazy tasks.

Tonight I packed my hospital bag just in case and charged my camera. We had a not so great ultrasound in respect to the size of baby boy (i.e. he's not so small) so our date may be moved up more than anticipated. Let's look on the bright side, I won't be pregnant for over 41 weeks this time!

Also, I hired a baby sitter one morning and got to get a lot of tasks accomplished. Ah!

Looking forward to:Getting the house clean (crazy right?) because the week after we are having the carpets cleaned. I'm really getting the nest ready. :)
Desperate times call for desperate measures- fast food and Frozen "picnic" in the middle of the day
In the meantime: The girls are a little burned out with me not having a lap to sit in or patience to call on. Claire has been a threenager deluxe. I know that pregnancy is hard on them as well... As a treat tonight after our maternity pictures we got ice cream at Dairy Queen. We totally bribed them to get through the shoot because there was so much drama  and so many tears just getting there.

Also, today we took a family day since Jacob has started planting so we wanted a down day just to relax and enjoy each other.

April 20, 2015

Conversations with Claire (3 1/2)

I saw this really cute post about Joanna's conversations with her four year old and thought I'd love to capture some of the same moments we're seeing.

Claire is also a complete chatty Kathy and we never know what is going to come out of her mouth.

This weekend I was sitting in the shade with my sister (in-love/law) with our coffees as the girls played. Claire came over and asked for a drink.

I said, "No it will turn your teeth black and is for grown ups. If you drink it now it will make you not grow. It's bad for you."

Without pause Claire said, "Then why do you drink it?"


Yesterday Sophie accidentally hurt Claire and after a few minutes of cuddles Claire went back out on the porch and pulled Sophie aside and used her motherly voice (i.e. overly bossy) and bent over and looked firmly in Sophie's eyes and said, "You hurt sister! You made sister sad."

With each word she did the sign language in front of her face for emphasis.

She repeated it all again with motions, "Sister is sad! You hurt your sister.  Sit down and let's have a talk."

She pulled Sophie down on the sidewalk and proceeded to tell her we use gentle hands etc.

Then she said, "Now you say I'm sorry!"

Sophie said, "Otay!" and leaned over and mumbled something and hugged Claire.

Then Claire said, "Now that "sorry" didn't make anyone feel better. Do it again and REALLY use your arms!'
(We were dying laughing in the house as observers to this.)

Right now Claire is obsessed with Spiderman and Bat man and wants a superhero/Spider man birthday party this year, a "My Little Pony" party for her fifth and a Bat Man Party for her sixth.
Gifts she wants this year:
- a Bat Man Doll
-a Spider Man cake with webs
-an Elsa dress and an Anna Dress (one for her and one for sister)
- a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says she wants to be a singer, and that daddy wants to be a mountain man.

When she and Sophie play house/family she insists that Sophie is the daddy because "she has no hair".

35 Weeks Pregnancy Number 3

How far along? 35 Weeks 3 days today (or 36 weeks 3 days based on my own "dates" but that's neither here nor there...)

My last update was at 34 Weeks.
You can also check out:

Total weight gain: 28 pounds.. NOT doing well in this department. Above is me unbrushed, no make up and feeling MISERABLE. Being this heavy is not cool (for me). I'm at an all time high for my entire my life and my body is tapping out and saying, "Lady... enough is enough... we can't take anymore."

Maternity clothes? Clearly...

Stretch marks? Oh dear. This last week several sprung up. I hate to be vain but they are very discouraging.

Sleep: This is crazy. Call me a nut (no wait, please don't) but I vaguely remember this from my other pregnancies but I have serious restless leg syndrome. I feel like my entire body is itching, twitching, on fire at night. It is really unpleasant and makes sleeping hard.

I have complete and miserable insomnia and I'm exhausted. But if I nap then I can't sleep at night and the cycle goes on. Let's just have a baby and let the sleeplessness serve a more obvious purpose.

 Miss Anything? My old body and being pain free. I'm in serious discomfort right now.

Movement: He's wriggling a lot at night especially or first thing in the morning.

Food cravings: Just junk.

 Gender: Boy.

 Labor Signs: Some pinching but I think it's from dehydration.

Symptoms: Swelling, discomfort, restless leg syndrome, heartburn. You name it I've got it at this point.

Belly Button in or out? Out.  

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty sad and kind of overwhelmed. I don't know why.

Oh wait, could it be people asking me how many are in there and acting in shock when I tell them how long I have to go still? Yeah.. maybe that doesn't help either.

Highlight of the week: We got the exterior of the house painted and new gutters and the ball is rolling on getting our backsplash done. I REALLY want to get this done before baby brother comes. Going to Amarillo for an Ethiopian Easter and meeting new friends was a lot of fun too!

Looking forward to: Family coming into town this weekend and that final (hopefully) ultrasound this next week (tomorrow now).

 In the meantime: The girls are so much fun. Claire is super clingy and wanting time with mommy. The girls play well together and Claire wants to protect her little sister. Spring has sprung and I'm getting geared up to work in the garden.. Who knows, maybe it will make labor happen earlier this time? ;)

April 9, 2015

34 Weeks Pregnancy #3

How far along? 34 Weeks today.

Where did the last two weeks go?! My last update was at a day shy of 32 weeks.   

You can also check out:

Total weight gain: 27 pounds.. the last two weeks I've been bad... Measuring 33 weeks at my appointment yesterday.  So... if you're curious.. that's about a 6 pound weight gain in two weeks... Uh-oh...

Maternity clothes? Yesss.

Stretch marks? Sadly... yes!

Sleep: Mostly decent but now actually favoring sleeping on my right side to get decent sleep... It's crazy how it changes!

 Miss Anything? Being able to bend over easily... and lay on my back... and eat however I want.  

Movement: Lots! He's fun and moves a lot.  

Food cravings: Not really... just not motivated to eat healthy right now. Tsk tsk.

 Gender: It's a boy.

 Labor Signs: Squat... I would like to feel more "pinching" and all again but nothing. I have had more very uncomfortable braxton hicks but nothing to write home about and I think it's more associated with my lack of water lately... :/  

Symptoms: Oh the swelling... the swelling!! I didn't swell so much with Sophie (number two) but this time I'm a swollen hot mess and pretty achy and miserable.

Belly Button in or out? Out.  

Wedding rings on or off? Way off.

Exercise: Not really. :( Shame-shame.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: A complete mood bomb. I hit a wall and every night at 6 pm I turn into a complete pumpkin. I'm exhausted, tired and don't want to move. Good bye second trimester energy!

 Highlight of the week: I got in the sewing mood and finished two car seat covers (summer and winter) and baby's official car seat cover set from Chicco came in and fits perfectly so he won't have a pink infant seat anymore! Yeah! Now it's black and grey.

I was pretty pumped to also make a minky cover for his newborn seat insert (which I didn't want to pay $20 for a new newborn insert that my babies only use for a few weeks).

I had to make my own pattern and wing the new born insert cover so I'm AMAZED it worked!

If you knew my sewing expertise you would be equally as impressed and surprised by these accomplishments. ;)  

Looking forward to: My next ultrasound at 35/36 weeks to see if little guy is (hopefully) not as large as they were thinking... Prayers appreciated. ;)

Also, we're doing some house projects (some insurance claims due to hail damage etc. that we are working on) so I'm looking forward to getting them all DONE before baby comes!

Before Sophie came we painted our panelling, put in a new back door, and updated our kitchen (mostly).

This time we are getting our house painted, a few new windows and new gutters (part of the hail damage), and we really really want to FINALLY finish the kitchen and get some back splash done.

 In the meantime, The girls are still sharing a room but just recently we've napped them in separate rooms (the past two days) and they've each been happier with a little rest. BUT they miss each other and feel like they're being punished being kept apart. I absolutely love that. ;)
From Top left to bottom right: 1.) my little gardeners, 2.) the girls helping my cousin Tiffany at her wedding shower, 3.) the girls playing in the rain, 4.) the girls hugging at Claire's pre-school, 5.) Me and my sister at around the same age... this pic reminds me of Sophie! 6.) Girls in the rain again.
They are so sweet and keep talking about baby brother and how they will protect him and how he will lay around and do nothing (their "new baby" books point out how little a baby can do so they have realistic expectations). Well, Claire talks about all of this. Sophie just randomly hugs my belly and kisses it.

Every week when I leave Claire at preschool she kisses and hugs me and then kisses my belly and says bye to baby brother. *sweet*!
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